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Name: Ruth Ann Tanner Los Primeros School of Sciences and Arts
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Grade: 2 Subject:
Phone: (805) 484-2811 Room #: B-3 Link to Web Page

News and Information

   My email: rtanner@pvsd.k12.ca.us
Thursday is library day.  Books are due Thursday morning. 
January 30th and February 2nd there is no school.
A healthy breakfast helps the mind focus and learn.
VOCABULARY (bonus words) challenge on Thursday
Homework is written in the students' log each day.  For accuracy check the log book daily. Spelling word list goes home the first day of the week.  Keep this at home to complete homework assignments. 
Our usual homework routine for the week is as follows:
Read for 15 minutes minimum each day.



 wonder story page 12

Write 5 spelling word sentences.
 math lesson 1



 wonder story page 13

 ABC order spelling words                 math lesson 1



 wonder story page 14

 phonics page 194-195
math lesson 2



 wonder story page 

phonics page 
 math lesson



 Come back on Tuesday.

 Changes made in the classroom are NOT always reflected on the homework site. Use of the website for classwork/homework is for those students who have been absent or those who need a reminder. It is NOT meant as a substitute for the log book to be used by students on a daily basis.

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