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Grade: 6, 7 Subject: Language Arts, History
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Happy 4th quarter!
Presentation dates for the Greek Festival Project
Period 2-
Tuesday 4/25 -1. Kaya D., Adan, Ethan
                        2.  Jahnaja and Kaya K.
Wednesday   -  1.  Isabella, Lily, Madison
                         2.  Jessica
                         3.  Elijah, Joel, Boyd
                         4.  Courtland
                         5.  Laila
Thursday    -    1.  Brooke, Chantel, Juliana
                        2.  Jason, Tommy, Xavier
                        3.  Anelle, Karla, Kristi
                        4.  Michael, Andrew
                        5.  Tanner, Christian 
4/28                 1.  Jacob, Nathan
Friday              2.  Kysiah, Gianna, Brody
                        3.  Jordan 
                        4.  Sophia 
Period 4
Tuesday         1.  Briana, Kahlen
                      2.  Arturo, Dane, Joshua
                      3.  Hannah, Lucas
                      4.  Grace
                      5.  Elijah
                      6.  Kate 
Wednesday    1.  Tucker
                      2.  Jadyn, Anneliese
                      3.  Faith, Julia
                      4.  Caleb, Ashton
                      5.  Matthew
                      6.  Andrew
Thursday       1.  Anna
                      2.  Tyler, Martin
                      3.  Taytum
                      4.  Dominic
                      5.  Janaye
                      6.  Diego
Friday           1.  Brooklyn
                      2.  Jessminde
                      3.  Braden, Austin, Josiah
                      4.  Jackie 
At the end of March we started our discussion about the Greek Festival Project, and viewed some student samples in our History classes.  We will use the information we have acquired from our unit of study in Language Arts on the Research Based Informational Essay, to write the research essay to accompany the creative portion of the Festival Project.  An outline of the rough draft of the research will be due April 20th.  The research report will be due Tuesday, April 25th, in final draft form. (Either typed and printed, or written in black ink)  Two copies are required.  Presentations will begin on April 25th.  Presentation assignment dates will be assigned by April 21st, so you will know when to plan for the presentation of your project starting April 25th.  Students were given time to decide if they wanted to do an independent project OR work with another student or two.  They were advised to make certain if they CHOSE to work in a group, that they had their parent/guardian permission, and were able to meet to work on this project together outside of school.  Students were able to choose their topic of research from suggestions of over 40 topics, OR were able to come up with a topic of their choice, and have it approved by the teacher.
Students - You will need an outside reading book of your choice of genre for school each day.  Please bring your book with you.