• Name: Darcia Bridges Las Colinas Middle School
    Position: Teacher Department:
    Grade: 6, 7 Subject: Language Arts, History
    Phone: (805) 484-0461 Room #: A-6 Link to Web Page
  • The students are expected to copy their assignments in the Las Colinas Student Handbook for each subject on a daily basis.  Changes made in class are not always reflected on the homework website.
    Be sure to click on the Homework tab on this page to see what homework is due this week! 
    To the Parents and Guardians of the students with the 6th period elective of Drama -
    This Friday, January 26th, will be the performance for this class.  You are invited to watch your student in this symposium of scholars.  This will take place during 6th period, from 2:20-3:00.  Please check in at the office first, and then you will be coming to room A-6 for the performance.
    All Students,
       Please remember that bringing a charged up computer (chrome book) is part of your daily homework.  As of October 13th, 2017, students will no longer be able to charge up their computers in class.  There have been more students than there are electrical outlets needing to charge up their computers each class period.  Please plan on using your computers daily, and be prepared for each class.  It causes a problem when students need to find different seating in order to be close to an outlet for charging, and time lost from the lesson, so this will no longer be permitted.
    Thank you,
    Mrs. Bridges