• Name: Darcia Bridges Las Colinas Middle School
    Position: Teacher Department:
    Grade: 6, 7 Subject: Language Arts, History
    Phone: (805) 484-0461 Room #: A-6 Link to Web Page
  • The students are expected to copy their assignments in the Las Colinas Student Handbook for each subject on a daily basis.  Changes made in class are not always reflected on the homework website.
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    At the beginning of May, the students were made aware of a new project for L.A.  They were able to choose to write a travel brochure, write a song, write an interview or write a sequel to the book we have completed, The Adventures of Ulysses.  The students were shown many excellent examples of these projects, and heard the plethora of figurative language, sensory detail and knowledge of the book that each sample supplied.  This is a means for students to show their knowledge of the subject matter in a creative way, and to improve their grade if they need to do so.  During the long blocks of time during testing the students have had time to work on these projects in the L.A. classes.  Please review the rubric for these projects with your student.  Due date, May 17th.
    Dear Students and Parents,
           Friday, April 6th, marked the end of 3rd quarter.  Monday, April 9th was the first day of the 4th quarter.  As a reminder, no late work will be accepted now that we are in the 4th quarter, except for students with excused absences.
                                                   Thank you,
                                                              Mrs. Bridges
    Are you looking for something to do on a weekend?  Make parking reservations at the Getty Villa in Malibu, and spend a day seeing ancient artifacts from Greece and Rome.  There is no charge to visit this Italian Villa that houses these ancient treasures except for a minimal parking fee on the grounds of the museum.  Just go online, and you'll find directions for making reservations.  The Getty Villa concentrates on artifacts from the History we are studying in 6th grade.  The Getty Center, off the 405, is a large art museum.  If you haven't been to the Getty Villa, this is a wonderful time to visit, and you'll feel like you've taken a mini-vacation to Greece and Rome! 
    We greatly appreciate ANY donations of Kleenex.  They are in high demand.  Thank you in advance.
    All Students,
       Please remember that bringing a charged up computer (chrome book) is part of your daily homework.  As of October 13th, 2017, students will no longer be able to charge up their computers in class.  There have been more students than there are electrical outlets needing to charge up their computers each class period.  Please plan on using your computers daily, and be prepared for each class.  It causes a problem when students need to find different seating in order to be close to an outlet for charging, and time lost from the lesson, so this will no longer be permitted.
    Thank you,
    Mrs. Bridges