• Keep Our School Healthy

    Flu Symptoms

    Hand washing is the best protection against germs:
    Please demonstrate hand washing for your child and help them make this a frequent part of their daily routine to promote good healthThe following site has useful information: Click here

    No student is allowed to have medication (prescription or over-the-counter) at school without an authorization form signed by the parent and the prescribing physician: 
    This includes over the counter, herbal, prescription medication, creams, ointment, and cough drops. The Health Office cannot administer any medications without this authorization. To obtain the form, or if you have any question, please contact the Health Office at your school site or go to: Click here

    Keeping your child home if they:
    Have a fever greater than 100º (may return to school if fever is normal for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medicine); have vomited in the past 24 hours; have flu-like symptoms, including but not limited to increased colorful nasal discharge and persistent cough; have diarrhea. If your child has a rash, he/she must have a doctor's note for re-admittance.  This will help promote a healthy school environment for all and decrease the spread of illnesses throughout the classrooms.

    Please notify the Health Office of your child's school of any cases of head lice, chicken pox, shingles, or strep infections.
    Exposure to these conditions can be very harmful to individuals that have compromised immune systems. Notifying the Health Office will help us track these conditions or exposures and inform those individuals that may need to contact their physicians for care.  Please also notify the school office if your child has Head Lice.

    Allergies of various kinds appear to be on the increase in students.
    Several students on campus have allergies to nut. Please label any snacks or treats you bring to school that may contain nuts and bring it to the teachers attention. If at all possible, choosing items that do not contain nut products would be best, as an accidental exposure can cause severe symptoms in someone that is allergic to the substance.

    All children should be covered by health insurance.
    If you do not have insurance for your child and need some information on Covered California and/or Medi-Cal the following website can be of assistance.
    Covered California                        Gold Coast Health Plan

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