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Textbook Policies

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Textbooks are governed by Pleasant Valley School District (PVSD) under School Board Policy 6161.2. Textbooks are the property of PVSD and are loaned to students for use. Students are issued one set of textbooks and are responsible for maintaining these textbooks in a condition equal to the issue condition with no more wear and tear than results in normal use. Textbooks must be returned to the School when the student no longer needs the book for instruction. If the student moves from the school anytime during the school year all textbooks and workbooks issued to the student must be returned.


When materials are lost or so damaged that they are no longer usable, the student or parents/guardians shall be responsible for reparation equal to the current replacement cost of the materials. This cost is set by the State plus tax.

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Information on the replacement costs are found on CA Department of Education website. When materials are damaged but still usable, the Superintendent or designee shall determine an appropriate charge. Any appeals of damage charges must be made in writing to the principal no later than one month after charges are assessed.

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All grades, transcripts, diplomas and/or school privileges may be withheld in accordance with School Board Policy 5125.2.

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When students are issued textbooks, they are asked to fill out a Textbook Condition Report. The TCR is used to record any noticeable damages to the textbook at issue. This report is also used to determine damages of a textbook upon its return. Failure to turn in this report informs the School that all textbooks were issued with no damages to report. A copy of the Textbook Condition Report may be found on the Forms & Files page.

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