Getting On The School Bus

     · Memorize your bus stop.

    · Leave Home Early enough to arrive at your school bus stop on time. Remember safety starts when you are ready and waiting for the bus.

    · Form a line facing the direction from which the bus will approach the bus stop. Have your bus pass ready.

    · Wait at least 6 feet away from the edge of the roadway until the bus has come to a complete stop, the door has opened and the driver has directed you to board the bus.

    · Get on the bus in an orderly manner, be careful, use the handrail, and scan your card.

    · Take your seat, face forward and remain seated at all times! Always stay in your seat! Be safe.

    · Remember, the bus driver is in charge at all times and has the authority to assign seats.
    Getting Off The School Bus

     · Raise your hand and alert the driver if you will cross the street. Wait for the driver to escort you across the street. Do not cross alone!

    · Wait until the person in front of you has left their seat, then stand up.

    · Do not push or shove.

    · Have your bus pass ready, and scan it when you exit the bus.

    · When leaving the bus STAY OUT OF THE DANGER ZONE! Do not wait around for friends on the DANGER ZONE!

    · Get off the bus only at your assigned stop

    · Be alert and observe safety procedures

    · Go directly home/ Class after getting off the bus.  Do not talk to strangers and do not accept rides from strangers.