• Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can register for child care? top back
    The PVSD Child Care program is available for students grades K-5.  Students who attend the following schools may sign up to attend their PVSD on-site Child Care Program: 
    Camarillo Heights Elementary
    Dos Caminos Elementary
    La Mariposa Elementary
    Las Posas Elementary
    Los Primeros School of Science and Arts
    Rancho Rosal Elementary
    Santa Rosa Technology Magnet
    Tierra Linda Elementary

    What are the program hours? top back
    Our program is open at 7am daily.  Students that are enrolled in the AM program may attend before school.  The  before school program continues until school starts.  We do stay open for those kindergarten students who begin later in the morning due to the staggered K schedule (varies from school to school).  Our program closes when all students are in class and will reopen upon school dismissal.  Our program closes at 6pm daily.

    Is there full day care available? top back
    Our program will offer full day care on some holidays and school breaks.  A calendar of all full day sessions will be distributed upon enrollment.  Full day care is available for those that sign up.  There are some additional fees that are associated with full day programs.  On minimum days, PVSD Child Care will begin the after school program as soon as students are dismissed.  There is no fee for additional services rendered on minimum days.

    How do I pay my monthly tuition? top back
    Tuition is due by the 1st of every month.  For your convenience, tuition payments (cash or checks only) may be made in the Child Care center at your school.  On-line payments are also available thru the PVSD website.  Checks are payable to PVSD Child Care.  Last day to pay tuition is on the 10th of the month (no grace period will be given for weekends or holidays).  All payments made on or after the 11th are considered late.  A late fee of $20 will be added to all late payments and all late payments must be made prior to the following month or services will be terminated.
    Tuition rates vary, depending on the program time a student is registered for.  For more information on rates and program options, please see the "program and tuition rates" tab.

    Will my child be doing homework during the after school program? top back
    Yes, all children will have the opportunity to do homework for approximately 30-45 minutes daily.  Children whose parents prefer to have homework done at home, those that do not have homework or those finish early will have other activities available to them.  Our staff will gladly provide assistance for each student by checking their work and/or being available to answer questions.  We are unable to provide 1-on-1 tutoring assistance for each child and can not guarantee that a student will complete all their homework while in our care.  We offer an enriching and balanced program, therefore we encourage students to participate in other activities through out the day.

    Do you provide snacks for my child?top back
    Yes, we do provide an afternoon snack for all children.  The snack menu is posted weekly.  If your child does not like the snack provided, please make arrangements to provide your child with alternative options.  You may talk with our staff about any concerns you  have regarding snacks.  PVSD does promote healthy food choices and children are encouraged to bring healthy, nutritious snacks such as fruits or vegetables.  For your child's safety, please notify our staff of any food allergies your child may have.

    How will I know if my child arrived safely to the child care room after school?  top back
    Our staff is dedicated to providing a safe environment for all children.  Our staff will meet the Kindergarten students at their room daily for pick up.  Students grades 1st-5th walk themselves to child care after school.  We give students a short period of time to collect their belongings from class and come to child care.  We sign all students in and any student who has not shown up is contacted.  We work closely with teachers and school personnel to keep all children on campus supervised.  If children are staying after school in their class, school office, etc., school personnel is required to notify child care staff of the child's whereabouts.  If a child is picked up after school by a parent or friend, the parent must notify the child care staff.  Staff will contact parents if a child has failed to report to the child care room within the designated times.

    If my child is sent home from school, may they attend child care in the afternoon? top back
    Children who are sent home from school may NOT attend child care.  This includes students that have been sent home sick or suspended.

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    Scholarship forms are available during the first couple of weeks of school.  Forms can be picked up at the district office.

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