Best Practices for Announcements

  • Best Practices Summary

    To make your announcements consistent and professional...

    • Title of the announcement:
      • Styles = Heading2.
      • Do not change any attributes (e.g. color, font name, font size, bold, underline).
      • Do not underline
    • Body of the announcement:
      • Style = Normal
      • Do not change any attributes (e.g. color, font name, font size, bold, underline)
    • Image (if adding one):
      • Width = 150 px, height can be variable.
      • Horizontal Spacing = 10
    • Delete older announcements unless they might be reused.

    Best Practices for Creating a New Announcement

    • Type in the Announcement Title - short, but descriptive (e.g., Board Meetings) 
    • Repeat the Announcement Title text in the body of the announcement (since the Announcement Title doesn't display automatically on the announcement).
    • Style the title:
      • Choose Heading2 in the Styles dropdown table
      • Do not change any font attributes (e.g., color, font name, font size, bold, underline)
      • Do not underline! If you underline the title looks like a link.
    • Enter your text, or paste it from another source
      • Use Paste Plain Text so there isn't any extraneous formatting in the body.
    • Insert an image (optional)
      • Place the cursor at the beginning of the body of text
      • Click the Insert Image icon
      • Choose Thumbnail Size (150px width) for most images
    • Choose Alignment of Left and click OK

    Insert an image

    • Notice that the image is right up against the body of text
      • To fix this, double-click on the image and enter 10 for Horizontal Spacing (leave Vertical Spacing blank):
    Edit Image
    • When you are finished creating the announcement, click Save
    • If ACTIVE doesn't show in the green button next to the announcement, click the INACTIVE button until it does:Inactive

    • Preview the new Announcement on the Home Page.