• Schoolwires Editor Reference

    pdf Working with the Schoolwires Editor
    Provides step-by-step instructions on working with the Schoolwires Editor on a PC as well as on a Mac. It also covers round-trip editing with Dreamweaver® and FrontPage® (PC running IE only).
    Flash video tutorial that introduces the editor, describes the features and controls and demonstrates simple page composition operations.
    pdf Imagery Help Card
    Step by step instructions to work with images on your pages. Learn how to insert an image as a background, how to make an image a link, how to wrap text around an image and more.
    Provides instructions for using Schoolwires ActiveBlock technology to customize the website. Covers both standard ActiveBlocks™ and template ActiveBlocks.

    pdf Advanced Tips/Tricks in the Schoolwires Editor (wnyric)
    Including scrolling marquees, image text wrapping and backgrounds.

    pdf Round Trip Editing in Frontpage and Dreamweaver (wnyric)
    If you plan on editing your pages using Frontpage or Dreamweaver, follow these step-by-step instructions.