• Growth, Development and Sexual Health Grade 6

    Health Standards: Growth, Development and Sexual Health

    1.  Identify personal hygiene practices and health/safety issues during puberty (e.g., showering, use of sanitary products, deodorant, and athletic supporters).
    2. Recognize that there are individual differences in growth and development.
    3. Identify major internal and external body parts and their functions.
    4. Develop behaviors that promote healthy growth and development.
    5. Describe the human cycle of reproduction, birth, growth, aging, and death.
    6. Identify the physical, social, and emotional changes that occur during puberty.
    7. Explain the structure, function, and major parts of the human reproductive system.
    8. Explain that puberty and development can vary considerably and still be normal.
    9. Define sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).
    10. Describe how HIV is and is not transmitted.
    11. Recognize that there are individual differences in growth and development, body image, and gender roles.
    12. Recognize that everybody has the right to establish personal boundaries.
    13. Recognize that friendship, attraction, and affection can be expressed in different ways.


    The videos reinforce the above concepts represented in the 'Health Education Content Standards for California Public School', emphasizing self-understanding and personal responsibility for health growth and development, biological aspects of human growth, the reproductive cycle, and the introduction to how HIV is transmitted. 
    During instruction at the school sites the boys and girls will be viewing the DVDs separately.
    A student will be excused from Family Life and Sexual Health instruction if such instruction conflicts with the religious training or beliefs of a parent or guardian (CEC 51240).  If you wish to excuse your student from participating a signed waiver must be submitted to your student's teacher.  Students will view films and participate in the curriculum unless the teacher receives the signed waiver.  Parent notificatio coming soon.
    The 6th Grade Video Scripts:
    The Camarillo Library has the Family Life and Sexual Health DVDs for Grades 4-7, available for check-out.  Parents/Guardians need to ask for them at the desk in the main lobby, or you can place a request on their website www.camarillolibrary.org.  All DVDs are checked out for one week, so please view and return as quickly as possible so the DVDs will be available to as many parents that wish to see the DVDs.  Requests can be placed on the DVDs and patrons will be notified when they may pick them up, also at the main circulation desk.  If you have any questions regarding checking out the DVDs please call the Camarillo Library at 805-388-5222. 
    Resources for Teachers and Parents: