• Growth, Development and Sexual Health for Grade 7

    Health Standards:  Growth, Development, and Sexual Health

    1. Explain physical, social, and emotional changes associated with adolescence.
    2. Summarize the human reproduction cycle.
    3. Examine the effectiveness of abstinence in preventing HIV, other STIs, and unintended pregnancy.
    4. Explain how conception occurs, the stages of pregnancy, and responsibility of parenting.
    5. Examine the effectiveness of condoms and other contraceptives that are FDA-approved in preventing unintended pregnancy, HIV, and other STIs.
    6. Identify the short- and long-term effects of HIV/AIDS/STIs.
    7. Identify ways to prevent or reduce the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and other STIs.
    8. Recognize that there are individual differences in growth and development, body image, gender roles, and sexual orientation.
    9. Explain why individuals have the right to refuse sexual contact.
    10. Describe the emotional, psychological, and physical consequences of rape and sexual assault.
    11. Explain why rape and sexual assault should be reported to authorities and/or a trusted adult.
    12. Describe responsible prenatal and parenting care, including California’s Safe Haven law.
    13. Evaluate the benefits to mother, father, and child for teenagers to wait until adulthood to become parents.
    The district family life and sexual health education program shall encourage students to be abstinent and to conceptualize sexual behavior in the ethical and moral context of marriage. The program is age-appropriate and addresses a full range of topics, emphasizing abstinence from sex as the only totally effective protection against unwanted pregnancy, sexual transmitted infections, and sexually transmitted HIV. All courses shall satisfy the criteria established by California Healthy Youth Act (California Education Codes 51930-51939).
    Per California Education Code 51933-51934:
    1. Be age appropriate.
    2. All factual information presented shall be medically accurate and objective.
    3. Instruction and materials shall encourage a student to communicate with his/her parents, guardians, and other trusted adults about human sexuality and provide the knowledge and shills necessary to do so.
    4. Instruction and materials shall teach the value of and prepare pupils to have and maintain committed relationships such as marriage.
    5. Instruction and materials may not teach or promote religious doctrine.
    6. Instruction and materials may not reflect or promote bias against any person on the basis of any category protected by education code 220.
    7. Information on the nature of HIV/AIDS and its effects on the human body.
    8. Instruction and materials shall teach that abstinence from sexual intercourse is the only certain way to prevent unintended pregnancy.
    9. Instruction and materials shall provide information about sexually transmitted diseases.
    10. Instruction and materials shall provide information about the effectiveness and safety of all FDA-approved contraceptive methods in preventing pregnancy,
    11. Instruction and materials shall provide students with skills for making and implementing responsible decisions about sexuality.
    12. Instruction and materials shall provide students with information on the law on surrendering physical custody of a minor child 72 hours or younger, pursuant to Health and Safety Code 1255.7 and Penal Code 271.5.

    13. Instruction and materials shall provide pupils with knowledge and skills they need to form healthy relationships that are based on mutual respect and affection, and are free from violence, coercion, and intimidation.

    During instruction at the school sites the boys and girls will be together for all instruction.  The instruction lasts approximately 2-3 weeks.
    A student will be excused from Family Life and Sexual Health instruction if such instruction conflicts with the religious training or beliefs of a parent or guardian (CEC 51240).  If you wish to excuse your student from participating a signed waiver must be submitted to your student's teacher.  Students will view films and participate in the curriculum unless the teacher receives the signed waiver.  Parent notification coming soon,
     Grade 7 Video Scripts or Program Summary:
    The Camarillo Library has the Family Life and Sexual Health DVDs for Grades 4-7, available for check-out.  Parents/Guardians need to ask for them at the desk in the main lobby, or you can place a request on their website www.camarillolibrary.org.  All DVDs are checked out for one week, so please view and return as quickly as possible so the DVDs will be available to as many parents that wish to see the DVDs.  Requests can be placed on the DVDs and patrons will be notified when they may pick them up, also at the main circulation desk.  If you have any questions regarding checking out the DVDs please call the Camarillo Library at 805-388-5222. 
     Resources for Teachers and Parents: