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    Nutrition and Physical Activities for Students & Parents!
    Physical activity is an essential component of healthy lifestyle.  In combination with healthy eating, it can help prevent a range of chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and stroke, which are three leading causes of death.  Physical activity helps control weight, builds lean muscle, reduces fat, promotes strong bones, muscle and joint development, decreases the risk of obesity.  Children need 60 minutes of play with moderate to vigorous activity every day to grow up to a healthy weight.

                                                                    An Apple Day Video
                                                     An Apple a Day is Not Enough, Taylor Mali

                                                        How Many Fruits and Vegetables to you need?
                                                Three Simple Steps to Eating More Fruits and Vegetables 
                                                                 Understanding Food Nutrition Labels
                                                              A Guide to Staying Healthy and Fit
                                                         Keep Moving, Keep Fit...Nutrition and Sports
    Educational Presentation for Parents & Parent Groups:
    Champions for Change    Champions for Change:  Join the movement;
                                1. Eating healthier,
                                2. Moving more,
                                3. Drinking more water,
                                4. Buying healthier foods for your family.
    Harvest of the Month   Harvest of the Month:  Fruits and Vegetables Nutrition Facts Labels
    Choose MyPlate    MyPlate 10 Tips Nutrition Education Series
    SuperKidNutrition:  Our mission is to create future healthier generations through good nutrition. SuperKids Nutrition aims to empower children and families to reach their full potential by having the energy and good health needed to accomplish their life goals.  We help parents and the community become more knowledgeable about nutrition and enable children to make healthy choices every day.