• What is Happening at Our Schools



    CHS Logo      Camarillo Heights STEM Academy top back
    CHS has student leaders creating a weekly wellness message segment for morning announcements using video.  This video is shown both in classrooms and posted on our website YouTube link for families to view as well.
    Teaching the Seven Habits of Happy Kids, a social emotional/leadership program to develop the whole child.

    DCSLogo         Dos Caminos School top back
    • Wellness Wednesday messages
    • Classroom garden box for every classroom.
    • Implementation of hand-sanitizing stations at lunch and recess
    • Classrooms following district guidelines for healthy eating and alternatives to sugary foods and class parties
    • Physical Education Program
      • TK/K/1--Music and Movement program every week, plus Motor Lab each week
      • 4th & 5th--PE class each week with PE teacher including physical fitness activities implemented by teacher
      • All grades: use of technology based programs to do physical fitness activities inside the classroom and the MPR such as GoNoodle.com and various Nintendo Wii games (Get Fit, Let's Dance, Zumba for Kids)
    • School recycling program: recycling plastic bottles (teaching the importance of drinking water and how recycling can improve the health of our earth)
    • Outdoor Classroom a space outside with "tree-stump" chairs to hold classroom lessons outside based on the philosophy of getting students outside more!


    LMSLOGO    La Mariposa School top back


    • Intramural sport program (Soccer, Basketball, Kickball)
    •  PTA / Volunteer school gardening program
    •  School wide recycling program 
    •  Healthy choice focus for Red Ribbon Week 
    •  PE for Grades K-5
    •  Tiger Olympics - Three day activity and wellness event for the entire school
    •  At least one all-school assembly per year with a health focus
    •  4th and 5th grade cross country team


    LCS logo          Las Colinas Middle School top back
    • Daily PE/Fitness
    • Wellness Wed announcements
    • PVSD nutrition program
    • Peer mediation
    • Access to school counselor


    LPSLOGO        Las Posas School top back
    • Student Gardens
    • Kindergarten:  Motor Skills Lab
    • Weekly Wellness Wednesday messages
    • Second Step program in K & 1st Grade
    • 5th Graders:  Zumba 

    LPSSA logo         Los Primeros School of Sciences & Arts top back

    1.    Runners Club on Fridays at lunch – Students try to run a marathon at school throughout the year

    2.    Student Gardens Boxes and Composting – Farm to Table… and Outdoor Classroom

    3.    Rotary Track Meet and Bananarama 5K Run

    4.    Middle School Sports League – Volleyball, Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, adding Boys Volleyball this spring

    5.    Jog-a-thon -

    6.    Walk or Bike to School Day - was a huge success!!

    7.    Wellness Wednesday Messages each week



    MVS logo    Monte Vista Middle School top back
    • Healthy snack options and water sold by ASB that conform to all guidelines from D.O. 
    • Intramural at lunch (multiple sports) throughout the school year
    • Boys and girls athletic teams, including basketball, soccer, flag football, cross country, cheer and volleyball
    • Annual Field Hockey Tournament at Moorpark for grades 6-8
    • Weekly Wellness Wednesday announcements over the P.A.
    • 100 mile challenge in P.E.  (Walk, run, and or bike at least 100 miles during a school year)
    • Embedded health instruction units in PE
    • Yoga club after school on Thursdays
    • Agriculture class with a unit focused on farm to table concept
    • Tobacco Use Prevention (TUPE) club – meets weekly
    PVSEA logo            Pleasant Valley School of Engineering & Arts top back
    • Wellness Wednesday message into our news show
    • PE specialist for grades 4 & 5
    • After school league sports
    • Hand sanitizing station at the lunch shelters
    • Go Noodle in several classrooms
    • Outside garden boxes for students to grow fruits and vegetable


    RRSLOGO                Rancho Rosal School top back
    • We have been doing our Wellness Wednesday message each Wednesday morning. 
    •  Many of our staff also use “Brain Breaks” throughout the day during their instructional time. 
    •  Many teachers have also added walk/jog to their daily routines, having their classes run a couple of laps for cardio work. 
    •  We also started a recycling program right before the holidays, and that is going well, too. 
    •  Our 2nd grade team was just awarded a nice Garden Club grant, and they are in the process of working on a great unit that uses our raised planter boxes in the back of the school, which have been dormant for some time.  They will also be collaborating with another grade level on doing writing and observations for plant life cycles.
     SRTMSLOGO    Santa Rosa Technology Magnet School top back
    • Excellent salad/fruit bar and amazing food that is prepared fresh each day

    • K-5 PE program

    • 6-8 PE program

    • Intramural sports during lunch

    • APEX Fun Run
    • Rams-NFL Play 60 Assembly (Nov 2017) - It focuses on healthy choices
    • After school sports program/Camarillo Independent Sports League

    • Fitness based fundraisers

      TLSLOGO        Tierra Linda School top back 
    •  Movement brain breaks in class using Just Dance and GoNoodle
    •  Weakly Wellness messages
    •  Using photos of students with healthy food choices on Tierra Linda social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook
    •  Revamping of Life Lab garden area to include greenhouse and citrus trees
    •  Junior Optimist participation in Noontime optimist Walkathon