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    Pleasant Valley School District updated attendance zone policies to expand the school choice options available to our families.

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    NEW: Dos Caminos and PVSEA attendances zones will be combined into one zone called the First Choice Zone. This change is being made because the PVSEA campus is relocating into the current Dos Caminos attendance zone and the current PVSEA attendance zone will not have a district school located within it. Some families are looking for a K-8 program for their students. Other families prefer the K-5 setting. Both options are available to families. We are streamlining attendance zone policies in order to make it easier for families to select the program that best fits their student’s needs.


    NEW: Students enrolling for the first time into the Pleasant Valley School District and living in the First Choice Zone will have 3 choices:

    • Choose to register at PVSEA (TK-8)
    • Choose to register at Dos Caminos (TK-5) (Will attend neighborhood comprehensive Middle School)
    • Choose to apply for Los Primeros School of Science and Arts.


    Important note for families living in the First Choice Zone: All families will be able to choose among those options for 2018-19. Once a parent/guardian chooses, that choice becomes the student’s “home school”. Families living in the First Choice Zone, even if they are not new to Pleasant Valley School District, will be able to choose among those three options. This will be done February 16th - March 2nd.


    NEW: Middle school enrollment in attendance zones: Monte Vista Middle School and Las Colinas Middle School. All students are assigned a middle school zone associated with their home address for 6th grade. Parents will have the option to enroll their student into either Monte Vista or Las Colinas, even if they are currently attending a K-8 school. This change in policy is being made because some students who attend the elementary grades at a K-8 school may decide that they want to experience a comprehensive 6-8 middle school. This policy change is making this choice easier for families to make, and reducing the amount of paperwork necessary. It is no longer necessary to request intra-district transfer to attend your zoned middle school. They will state their choice during the Intent To Return process.

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