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Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

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Dr. Kris DeVillers
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Welcome to Pleasant Valley School District's Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment webpage. Our district focuses on valuing each child as a unique individual and provides them with a successful, safe and nurturing environment.


We focus on engaging students in higher learning and growing to their full potential. All students discover their untapped talents when an integrated, differentiated, and challenging curriculum is taught.


CIA Team 2015-16 The curriculum department implements research-based curriculum aligned to the California Content State Standards, coordinates instructional materials adoptions and resources, and provides research-based professional development for teachers and administrators to ensure that they receive the necessary support to effectively address the needs of our diverse student population.


Additionally, as we begin transitioning to the Common Core State Standards in English and Math, professional development becomes even more critical for teachers and administrators. Staff engages in professional learning community through ongoing collaboration; both as school teams and as grade level teams. Responses to intervention models are in place at all sites to provide intervention for students when needed.

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment is responsible for these departments: 




Assistant Superintendent

of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Kris DeVillers

 (805) 445-8662

Administrative Assistant

Carmen Reeves

 (805) 445-8662

Child Care Coordinator / Preschool

 Kelli Sparks 

 (805) 445-8695

Curriculum Coordinator/Classroom Support/

Julie Prater

(805) 388-1462

Director of Curriculum

 Debbie Maki

 (805) 445-8665

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) /TOSA

Jessie Green

 (805) 445-8661

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM)/TOSA 

Michelle Sciarillo

 (805) 445-8639

MakerSpace/ Instructional Tech/ Curriculum/

Resource Teacher

Carolyn Alexander

(805) 445-8624

Music Program / YAA 

Betty Weyek 

 (805) 207-6608

Preschool Program (805) 445-8621

ELA & Writing / TOSA

Mary Jacobs

 (805) 445-8664

Reading / TOSA (805) 445-8664

Staff Secretary - GATE / Curriculum

 Lisa Bertels

 (805) 445-8661

Sr. Staff Secretary (Bilingual)

Textbooks/Child Care/SES Services 
Yvett Urteaga

 (805) 445-8664

Staff Secretary - Preschool (Bilingual)Laura Orozco

 (805) 445-8621

Technology & Curriculum / TOSA

Jamie Alvarez
Shaun Blumfield


 (805) 445-8639