Summer Ideas and Resources


    Try TED Talks for Kids

    Identify Problems in your Community/World and work on solutions

    Learn to Sketchnote to activate your brain.

    Learn about the world through Postcrossing as a family.

    Geocache as a family.

    Learn a new hobby, and create a way to share it with others.

    Explore games and activities on MENSA for Kids

    Keep a reflective journal about your summer.

    Focus on having a growth mindset and challenge yourself to something new.

    Practice yoga or Zentangle to help you focus and relax.


    Book Study Opportunity 




    I have some exciting news. Through Tri-County GATE Council I was awarded a grant to have author Robert Black discuss his novel  Night of the Paranormal Patterns. Mr. Black writes mathematical fiction that weaves thoughtful problem solving into an engaging story for students. We received a limited number of copies of the book for each campus, and GATE Facilitators have worked with their schools to determine the best way to share their copies.

    Mr. Black writes for a publisher that serves gifted students. You can see information on the book here:https://www.rfwp.com/book/night-of-the-paranormal-patterns

    In addition, I have compiled some activities to supplement the reading and have your students thinking like a mathematician.


     GATE Newsletters Available:


    Please visit the Newsletter Archive at left for Coordinator Jessie Green’s GATE Newsletters.  You will find important news and information, plans and links for the GATE Program. 


    • The referral process starts with your student’s classroom teacher.
    • Testing will be for current school year 3rd and 5th grade students and transfers into the District only, per assessment guidelines.
    • Testing will take place one time in the school year, near Winter Break. 
    • Referral packets can be obtained from your student's teacher.
    • Please get more detailed information by visiting this page.


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    The Pleasant Valley School District (PVSD) Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program has identified 13% of the student population as having characteristics of gifted learners.  In the classroom, students are clustered in groups and lessons are differentiated for content, process, and product. 

    Jessie Green - PVSD GATE Coordinator - JGreen@pvsd.k12.ca.us
     PVSD GATE Secretary and GATE Program office - 805.445.8661