•  Summer Book Club:

    We have made a change to the Summer Book Club selection due to final publication changes that included mature content above our students’ age range. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, but our new selection still fits parent requests that we address the students’ social, emotional, and affective needs. The book, Who Moved my Cheese for Teens –by Spencer Johnson, M.D. is a great start.


    This summer, we will test drive an online book club. I will be reading his book mentioned below, and would love to have students join me in this interactive journey. Students who wish to participate in the online book club can join via Google Classroom with the join code of 20csk3v.


    If this goes well, the hope is to continue the book club throughout the year and connect with local authors from a variety of genres. I have been talking with local author, Robert Black, who has written fiction books for gifted students, and it is likely that we will read some of his books next school year, and conclude with a face-to-face Q&A with him.  


    Online Book Club Information: Discussion questions will post beginning June 19, 2017. As in any book club, the goal is to foster meaningful discussions. Questions will post throughout the summer, and I encourage students to check back frequently. They do not have to answer any, or all questions, but to drive a book club discussion, answering and extending responses is necessary. Not only are students encouraged to answer the questions, but they are also encouraged to respond appropriately, or pose their own related discussion. The questions are just a starting point to help make meaningful conversations.


    Hopefully this not only fosters a conversation within our PVSD GATE student community, but also at home. This book is also available in adult format, and as a children’s picture book, and could be the means for great conversation at home.

    Other Summer Ideas and Resources: 

    TED Talks for Kids

    -Identify Problems in your Community/world and work on solutions
    -Learn to Sketchnote to activate your brain.
    -Learn about the world through Postcrossing as a family.
    -Geocache as a family.
    -Learn a new hobby, and create a way to share it with others.
    -Explore games and activities on http://www.mensaforkids.org
    -Keep a reflective journal about your summer.
    -Focus on having a growth mindset and challenge yourself to something new.
    -Practice yoga or Zentangle to help you focus and relax. 
    New GATE Newsletter available: 
    Please visit the Newsletter Archive at left for Coordinator Jessie Green's April GATE Newsletter. You will find important news and information, plans and links for the GATE Program.   
    PVSD GATE Referral Process:

    The process of identifying students for participation in GATE is ongoing.  Please see the GATE Identification Criteria on the menu at the left. You may also contact the GATE Facilitator at your school site for any GATE-related questions.

    Parent Survey:

    Parents of PVSD GATE students, in order to make the GATE program the best it can be, we need to hear from you!  Please take a moment to give our GATE Leadership team some parental insight by completing this new survey here:  PVSD GATE Parent Survey 
     Enrichment Opportunities for PVSD GATE students:

    GATER, a non-profit parent group dedicated to supporting GATE in PVSD, has offered a Battle of the Books competition, Science assemblies, and the Disney Youth Program for middle schoolers, among other events. Please visit the GATER  page (at left) or their website directly at www.pvsdgater.org to register your PVSD GATE student and get more information about these events and others planned for the upcoming school year.

  • Pleasant Valley School District Gifted and Talented Education Program

    The Pleasant Valley School District (PVSD) Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program has identified 6.5% of the student population as having characteristics of gifted learners.  In the classroom, students are clustered in groups and lessons are differentiated for content, process, and product. Additionally, students are invited to participate in varying activities including GATE Day, Expert Project/Expert Night, ACHS Science Day for Middle School, America's Battle of the Books and Westmont Leadership Conference.






    Jessie Green - PVSD GATE Coordinator - jgreen@pvsd.k12.ca.us
    Lisa Bertels - PVSD GATE Secretary - 805.445.8661