• Safe & Drug-Free Schools/TUPE

    Stylized TreeThe purpose of the Tobacco-Use Prevention Education (TUPE) program and Safe and Drug Free Schools is to reduce youth tobacco, drug, and alcohol use as well as address violence prevention by helping young people make healthy decisions through educational instruction and activities.

    The California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) is required by the California Department of Education, and meets the requirements of the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act. The CHKS survey asks students a variety of questions regarding the use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, how safe they feel at school and school connectedness. The Department of Education requires that we analyze our results, as well as set goals and make plans to improve our results. These results are the driving force in the programs and activities we choose for our students.

    For more information on the SDFS or TUPE programs you may contact the Categorical Programs Office at 805-445-8664.