• New Teacher Program

    Stylized TreeOne of the major ways we support  our new teachers is through the BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment) Program. Pleasant Valley School District works in conjunction with the Ventura County Office of Education to provide workshops and individual support.

    New  teachers in the BTSA program are required to attend a series of professional development courses each year and submit a portfolio each semester.  Each of the classes includes research-based instructional concepts and strategies applicable to the classroom that are aligned with the SB 2042 Induction Standards as well as the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.  During the two years of the induction program these teachers attend over 60 hours of instruction in addition to meeting weekly for one hour with their district based support provider. 

    For more information about the BTSA program in PVSD please contact RaeAnne Michael, the Director SFP at 805-445-8664.