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    Posted by PVSD Website Training at 8/7/2013
    NewThe PVSD website was updated to a new version recently - called Centricity 2.
    This means that the previous training videos and reference materials are no longer relevant, so they have been removed.
    We will add documentation about how to use the new website from time to time. Check out the first one -  Best Practices for Announcements.
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  • Website Training

    Posted by PVSD Website Training at 5/2/2008 10:00:00 AM
    NewWelcome to the Website Training section! Like all the new websites at the moment, this section is still under construction. However, teachers can access the Teachers: Getting Started training module by clicking on the link to the left. It should teach you the basics to get started transferring your pages to your school's new website. You'll also find reference pages with links to in-depth documentation.
    We'll be adding lots more content to the training section that will help you in creating your pages and transferring your information, so we encourage you to subscribe to this section. To do that, click "Access my Info" in the upper-right of this page, scroll about halfway down and click the "Edit Subscriptions" button. Check the box next to "Website Training" at the very bottom and click the "Subscribe" button. Now you'll receive e-mail updates when we add new content to this section.
     If you have an RSS reader, you can click the RSS Feed icon ( rss) at the top of this page to add it to your reader so you'll be automatically notified of updates.
    If you have any questions or requests for additional information, please write a comment on this post.
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