• Internet Filtering

    Web PageWe have recently connected a new 8e6 Internet filter to our network.  The filter complies with the FCC's CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act ) and with our own AUP (Acceptable Use Policy).

    The Childrens Internet Protection Act of 2000 requires libraries and schools that receive ERATE funds (helps to pay for Internet access fees) to implement Internet filtering.  Further, filtering is required to protect employees from offensive Internet media (web servers and web sites, email), and to avoid malicious websites. 

    Every time you access a website over the Internet using a computer on the PVSD network, the website address (URL) is checked against a database of categorized URLs in the 8e6. If the website belongs to a category that is blocked then you will get an "Access Denied!" message on the screen explaining why it has been blocked.  Also, SafeSearch on the 8e6 blocks access to inappropriate content and images on popular search engines.

    If you find a website that you feel should be made available or come across one that shouldn't be available, go to Block/Unblock Website for information on how to request a change in the Internet Filter.