• Block/Unblock Websites

    Web PageWeb servers can host thousands of web sites.  All of a web server may be blocked because it can host material disallowed by CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act).  In such cases, its often possible to specifically allow a web site hosted by a disallowed web server.

    Image servers (like Google and Yahoo) serve millions of images, some of which are not suitable for children and not allowed by PVSD AUPs. The entire image server is blocked. In some cases, individual images can be unblocked for educational purposes.

    Occasionally a website necessary for education or business may be blocked.  PVSD can modify filtering to allow such websites if there are no secondary web links on that website that may violate CIPA or other filtering requirements.

    You may submit an email request for review if you receive an Access Denied! screen or discover a website that should be blocked.  In the email message, you MUST provide the exact Uniform Resource Locator (URL - website address) for the web page you're trying to get to and an explanation as to why an exception should be made for the website.  Allowed websites must be suitable for all network users (children, employees). The request will be evaluated for CIPA requirements, PVSD Acceptable Use Policies, security, and an email response will be returned.

    The Access Denied! screen (shown below) provides a link to the webpage you are reading now, specifies the denied category, and also provides an email request for review link.
    Access Denied Message