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    The resources listed below help families support their students as they complete EngageNY and other Common Core mathematics assignments.
    Not sure which Module or Lesson your student is working on? Each EngageNY assignment has a legend in the top, right-hand corner of the page.  For example, "Lesson 6 Homework  4.3" means Grade 4, Module 3, Lesson 6. 

    Oakdale Joint Unified School District - Math Homework Help
    This site has multiple EngageNY resources for grades PreK through 8.  
    Resources include:

    • Digital copies of EngageNY homework assignments
    • Parent newsletters
    • Instructional videos specific to EngageNY.  
    Please note: Grade 6 resources include notes from a class that may not be representative of what is expected in your student's class.  Please check with your student's teacher if you have any questions about what notes are expected. 
    OJUSD Engage NY Module Help
    This link will direct you to the EngageNY curriculum materials.  Under "Mathematics," choose the desired grade level.  That link will take you to the Curriculum Map page for that particular grade.  From there you can choose any module, topic, or lesson.  Materials available include the teacher pages and student pages for each lesson.
    EngageNY math tool definitions for parent assistance.
    Download the PDF
    This link will take you directly to the EngageNY Parent and Family Resource Library.  Resources in the library focus on the general shift to the Common Core State Standards.  Be sure to use the filters on the left-hand side of the page to help you find materials specific to your needs.
    To use Khan Academy, first create a free account.  Typing "Common Core Map" into the search bar will then provide Common Core-aligned math problems, videos, and other resources - organized clearly by standard - for K-12 students.
    Khan Academy Link
    Camarillo Library - Esper A. Petersen Homework Center
    The Camarillo Library offers free homework help from trained volunteer tutors Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 3:00-6:00pm and Thursday 2:00-6:00pm.  Pleasant Valley School District is pleased to be working with the tutors to provide materials and training for EngageNY mathematics.